• Call to the Elements – Art Installation in Neighbourhood’s Sacred Space

    The Tree of Stewardship , installed on the left, is made from cut, glued, screwed , gouged dremmelled and carved plywood with acrylic paint  stained on top and is six feet wide and seven feet tall. The tree is a representation of The Earth Element, and how we as Unitarian Universalists care for our world:

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Any of the artwork on this website, listed with a price below it is available for sale. Please note colours of images from your screen to reality may vary. Contact Lauren for more information. Click any of the icons in the top right of the screen (facebook, twitter, linked in & email) to connect directly.
Lauren also does commission work. Commissions are a special type of art making catered directly to you and your needs: size, colours, subject are all up to you. Depending on the size & complexity of the work they can cost considerably more than any work listed on this web site.