Lauren McKinley Renzetti, artist.

accomplished Toronto visual artist, teacher and curator


Lauren McKinley RenzettiI am drawn to nature,  the slow opening of a seed, a lizard’s skin, the human eye up close and personal,  our planet from space, molecules under a microscope.   I am interested in where art comes from, the tools , the materials, and the stepping stones made by other artists before me.

Unlikely Spoon Collection


Unlikely Spoon Collection

I am part of the Group classified as the 1% or the people of the Haves. I have shelter, food ,clothes, family, a job, health and wealth. The Syrian crisis led me to thinking about the two main classes:  the HAVES and the HAVENOTS. Spoon Collections reside in many homes collecting dust, always unused. This is a testament to being a Haves. If this is spoon collection  never gets used, then why not make it out of very unlikely materials; hair, nails, volcanoes, the moon, toxic waste, and concrete etc.  This is the beginning  thought process for these works.  They are conceptual,  silly, dark  and commenting on what us Capitalist Haves spend  our hard earned money on.   -August 2016

Sacred Dot Paintings

Sacred Dot Painting

I have always been intrigued with Australian Aboriginal Dot Paintings. The tools they use  are round dowels of various sizes. The way of painting takes a lot of guess work out of how to paint but also is an interesting problem. with pattern and design. This is a  meditative practise as much as an art form.  I started out painting  objects that were  sacred to  me as an artist. Then I branched off to things that I thought were sacred through time, religion, daily life and nation.    August 2016

classes with lauren

classes with lauren

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SUMMER RETREAT at UNICAMP, north of Shelburne

August 2018

ARTIST’S OUTDOOR RETREAT: Connecting with Nature August 26- 31 2018.

Unicamp Of Ontario, 638159 PRINCE OF WALES RD, MULMUR ON  L9V 0C5

Registration: 519-925-6432 or

Connecting with Nature with Lauren  McKinley Renzetti. Using Unicamp and environs as our inspiration with its picturesque vistas, mossy craggy caves, dappled ponds, rolling hills, fantastic forests and expansive skies. We will explore the perfect location and capture the light of morning, afternoon, dusk and sunset. In three or  four sessions a day create a series of studies in your media of choice with on location drawing and painting.These studies can be  small and detailed  and can then be a spring board for larger works back in your studio or be finished works in their own right. Go off on your own, or stick with the camaraderie of the group. Be introduced to a variety of techniques and strategies to create interesting composition. This retreat is for all abilities, whether you are a practicing artist or just starting out, you set your own pace. Bring your own materials. Unicamp Of Ontario Registration: 519-925-6432

Program Fee: sliding scale $150, + Accommodation & Food about  $350

Dates: August 26-31- 2018 Sunday 5pm- Friday 4pm Limited Space BOOK NOW!

 photographs courtesy of Oliver Yang