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Best Contact info:

Art Mediums Used

Drawing, Collage, Painting, (in acrylic, ink, watercolour)  Printmaking (in  relief, intaglio, sugar lift, silkscreen)  Sculpture  (assemblage, clay, fabric, fibre, plaster, wood,  wire). Recently my main artistic focus is  Collage, Dot Painting ,  conceptual sculpture along with sketchbook work.

Member of  AGO, CARFAC, NUUC, P.A.T.C.H ,  ROM, Intersections Gallery, Owen Sound


1994-1995 Ryerson Polytechnic University, Toronto, carpentry, drafting, electrics, set design, set painting

1990-1994 McMaster University, Hamilton, Combined Honors Degree in Art and Theatre

1986-1988 Georgian College, Barrie, Diploma in Fine Art

Most Recent- Selected Art Shows   (unless otherwise stated list is of  solo shows)

*July 1-15, 2019 International Miniprint Show of Kazanlak– group show , Bulgaria

*June 2- Sept 15, 2019 Abstract Thoughts as Paintings-group, Neighbourhood Gallery, 79 Hiawathra Road

*April 1-31, 2019 Sketchbook Challenge-group , Earl Selkirk Gallery, ARTiculations 2928 Dundas St. W

*March 1- April 30, 219  Rock Paintings , 1902 Danforth Avenue, Toronto

*Jan 2-31, 2019. Dot Painting–  Pape / Danforth Library 701 Pape Ave M4K 3S6

Dec7-16, 2018  In Support of ART For Cancer-group, Art Square , 334 Dundas St West across from the AGO

Dec 5-7, 2018  Anonymous ART Show-group , Art Square  334 Dundas St West. across from the AGO

Nov 14- 25, 2018. Don Valley Art Club show, group  at Todd Morgen Mills

Sept 11- Nov 11, 2018 Unlikely Spoon Collection, Neighbourhood Gallery

September 1-30, 2018     Sacred Dot Painting, Bloor Galdstone Library , Toronto

July 1-15, 2018       International Mini Print Group Show, Fine Arts Gallery Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

June 1-30, 2018       International Mini Print Group Show, Fine Arts Gallery Kazanlak, Bulgaria

May 3 – June17, 2018      7TH Bi-Annual international Miniprint Exhibition , Ottawa School of Art, Ottawa, group show

April 2018  Filler’Up Setchbook, Earl Selkirk Gallery , ARTiculaitons. 2928 Dundas West

March 10- April 15, 2018. The Spirit of Landscapes, LucSculpture Gallery, 663 Greenwood Ave, group show

Dec 1-3, 2017   Anonymous Art Show , Art For Cancer , 1884 Davenport Road, Toronto , group show

Nov 26- Jan 28 , 2018    Views From Noah’s Ark , Group Animal Show, Neighbourhood South Gallery , 79 Hiawatha Road

Nov 5, 2017      Unveiling of Yesteryears and Here & Now Mural , St. Joseph’s Centre, 67 Curzon Street

Oct 16- Nov 6, 2017           Dot Paintings Aboveground Art Supply 1842 Queen St. East Toronto, Ontario M4L 1G8

Sept 27 – Oct.1, 2017        Who Are You? Nuit BlancheThe Red Head Gallery,  401 Richmond Str. W. Suite 115, Toronto, group show

Sept 24- Nov 28 , 2017   Branching Out, Neighbourhood Gallery ,Toronto

Sept 5- Oct 22, 2017  Faculty Show, LucSculpture 663 Greenwood Ave

Aug 30 – Sept, 2017        Faculty Show, Articulations 2928 Dundas West

Sept 25-October 16, 2017 Dot Paintings Aboveground Art Supply 1842 Queen Street , Toronto

Aug 1-31, 2017 Dot Paintings AboveGround Art Supply 74 McCaul Street , Toronto  

July 1-31 2017.   Dot Paintings, Sir Walter Stewart Library , 170 Memorial Park Avenue, Toronto

June 21- July 8 .2017. Print London Group Show, Satellite Project Space, Museum London, 421 Rideout Street North , London, Ontario

June 4- Sept 24, 2017. Tending the Wallflower take 2.  Neighbourhood Gallery, 79 Hiawatha Road, Toronto

June 4- August 31, 2017.   The Earth Show, LucSculpture  Gallery, 663 Greenwood Toronto, Ontario

June 1-30, 2017.  International Mini Print Group Show, Fine Arts Gallery Kazanlak, Bulgaria

April 2017.   Sketchbook Challenge 2017 Group Show, Earl Selkirk Gallery ARTiculations, Toronto

March 15- April 2. 2017. The Print Show Group Show , Gerrard Art Space, 1475 Gerrard Street East,Toronto

March 7-31 2017.    Think/Laugh 2017 Group Show   John B. Aird Gallery , 600 bay street, Toronto. Taryn Foss and Kelly MacKenzie curate

March 1-31 2017.  Best from the Nest, Group show Artisans at Work, 2071 Danforth Ave. Toronto

Feb 28- April 16 , 2017.  Dots, Moons & Spoons, LucSculpture School & Gallery, 663 Greenwood Ave,  Toronto M4J 4B3

Feb 12- April 9 2017.   Just Another Roadside Attraction, Group Show,  Neighbourhood Gallery  79 Hiawatha Rd, Toronto

Dec 4- Feb 12- 2017    The Human Condition Revealed, Group Show,  Neighbourhood Gallery South 79 Hiawatha Rd  ,Toronto

Dec1-4 2016. Anonymous Art Show– Group Show, Art For Cancer Foundation AFC Place 1884 Davenport Rd, Toronto

July 6- August 24 2016. Unlikely Spoon Collection , Crema Coffee Company Dundas Street West, Toronto

July 1-15, 2016.    International Mini Print Group Show, Fine Arts Gallery Stara Zagora, 6000 Stara Zagora, 119 Hadzhi Dimitar Asenov str, Bulgaria

June 5- Sept. 11, 2016   Textures of My Soul trio show, Joan Wlader & Abigail Johnston, Neighbourhood Gallery, Toronto

June 1-30, 2016    International Mini Print Group Show,  Fine Arts Gallery Kazanlak, 6100 Kazanlak Kiril y Metodi 9 Bulgaria

May 15, 2016.   6th International Mini Print Biennale Exhibition, Ottawa School of Art, 35 George Street, Ottawa

April 2016     Abstract Group Show, Lakeshore Arts Centre, 2422 Lake Shore Boulevard West
 Toronto, ON  M8V 1C4

Feb. 4- March 31, 2016 Earth’s Harmony, Morningside Library, 4279 Lawrence Avenue East , Toronto

February 5-7, 2016     Going SoloArt For Cancer Gallery , 1884 Davenport Road, Toronto

December 14- 21, 2015. AGO Staff Show XI, group show Art Square, 334 Dundas Street West Toronto, ON

Dec 3-6, 2015.   Anonymous Art Show, Art For Cancer, Foundation  1884 Davenport Rd, Toronto

Sept 12- October 4 2015.  Faculty Art Show, group show,  LucSculpture, Toronto

August 28-30, 2015.     Living in a Red House, sketchbook ,on NA tour The Sketchbook Project from Brooklyn ,visits 6 locations one being the Distillery District, Fri 4-8pm, Sat/Sun 12 -4  group tour ,Toronto,

June-July 2015.    Contemporary Miniprint of Kazanlak, group show Gallery Iskra, Bulgaria, Europe

May – August  2015. Beautiful Mother Earth Show,  group show, LucSculpture Gallery, Toronto

May 2015 .    Paintings Rock , Aboveground Art Supply Beaches, Toronto

February – May 2015.  The Personal Sacred Landscape , group show, Neighbourhood Gallery North, Toronto, participant and curator

April 2015.  Sketchbook Challenge, group show, ARTiculations, Toronto

April 2015   In the Moment : Abstract Show, group show, Luc Sculpture, Toronto

March 2015 The Sketchbook Project 2015 group collection, Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn, New York, USA

January 2015     A Departure from Reality: the Abstract Collective,  group show, Twist Gallery, Toronto

January  2015     Powerful Prints ,  S. Walter Stuart Branch Library, Toronto  Public Library, Toronto

Dec. 2014- Jan. 2015      Curio, group show, Earl Selkirk Gallery, ARTiculations, Toronto

May- December  2014     Art Bomb, &  Spoke Club Art Event ,  online art auction, Toronto Curator: Lisa Campos Aziz

Nov. -Dec. 2014       Small Paintings, Aboveground Art Supply , Toronto

July – Aug.  2014       Wallflower,  group show, Scarborough Arts, Scarborough

June – Aug. 2014    Earth Experience group show , LucSculpture Gallery, Toronto

June – Sept. 2014      Earth’s Harmony,  Neighbourhood Gallery South, Toronto

June- July  2014     Contemporary Miniprint of Kazanlak, group show Gallery Iskra, Bulgaria, Europe

May 2014    8 Square Show,  group show, 337 Sketch Gallery, Hamilton

April- June 2014   5th Annual Mini Print Exhibition,  group show, Ottawa School of Art, Ottawa

April 2014       Fillerup 2014, sketchbook group show, ARTiculations Gallery, Toronto, prize winner

April – May 2014 Spring Salon Show, group show of faculty & students works, Art Works Art Gallery , Toronto

March 2014      Foot 2, group show , Neilson Park Art Centre, Etobicoke

Nov.- Dec. 2013  Art Bomb Party, Spoke Club &  Art Battle Events, group show , Toronto

Sept.- Nov. 2013  Process: A Faculty Show, art Works art Gallery . Toronto

June 2006-present Artist in Residence, over 30 pieces permanently installed, Unicamp, Honeywood Springs

Jan.- Sept.  2013   Art Bomb, featured online gallery, Toronto curator: Andrea Carson Barker

May 2013   Art Reflecting Community, solo show, Unitarian Gallery, Unitarian Congregation in Mississauga, Curator: Joan Elgar

May- June 2013 Year of the Snake, group print show, Proof Gallery, Toronto

Sept- Oct.2012  The River Show, group show, The River Trading Company,Toronto Curator: Janine Lindgren

Dec. 2011- Dec.2012  Be Mindful,  Neighbourhood Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Toronto

June-Dec. 2012  Art Bomb, featured online gallery, Toronto Curator: Andrea Carson Barker

May-June 2012  Access the Arts: Redefining Arts Accessibility, group show, Holcim Gallery, Milton Centre for the Arts. Milton Curator: Alisha Linseman

March 2012  AOTGVI, group show, Hangman Gallery , Toronto Curator: Gary Bercovitch

February, 2012 Art For Cancer, group show, City Hall Rotunda, Toronto Curator: Cid Palacio

February 2012 Skin Tones: group show, art Works art Gallery , Toronto Curator: Marija Barac- Jandric

April 2011-Dec.2011 Swamps & Other Lands, Neighbourhood Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Toronto

March – April 2011 Point of View, landscape group show, art Works art Gallery, Toronto participant & curator

Feb.- March 2011 Where You Are, abstract group show, art Works art Gallery, Toronto, Curator: Danica Loncar

June 2010- April 2011 fragile and unframed, Neighbourhood Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Toronto

March 2010 AGO staff show, group show, Hangman Gallery, Toronto Curator: Gary Bercovitch

Dec. 2009-June 2010 (Wo)Men in the Moon, Neighbourhood Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Toronto

Dec. 4-18 2009 Making Multiples, group show, art Works art Gallery, Toronto

Feb. –Dec. 2009  Art As Religion, Neighbourhood Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Toronto

July 18 2008  Pot Pour We, part of collection X, group show, AGO, Toronto

March 2008   Feature Teacher,art Works art School, Toronto

August 2007 FOE, Play by Risha Yorke Hub 14, Markham Street , Toronto

March-April 2007 AGO Faculty Art Show, Hangman Gallery, Toronto

February 2007 Feature Teacher, Art Works Art School, Toronto

January 2004 Feature Teacher, Art Works Art School, Toronto

Nov.8-18 2000  eye imprint, Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts, 96 Spadina Ave., Toronto

Oct.1999-June 2000 I Work, Health Focus, College Street West, Toronto,

October 1999  Ritual, Rhythm and Repeated Action, Propeller, juried by Virginia MacDonald group show

February 1999  An Artists’ Religion, First U. U. Church of Toronto, St.Clair Ave. W, Toronto

February 1999  Eyedeas, Propeller Centre for the Arts, Toronto

Curatorial Work

*June 2- Sept 15, 2019 Jim  Taylor, Large format Abstracts,Neighbourhood  Gallery, 79 Hiawatha Road

*June 2- Sept 15, 2019 Abstract Thoughts as Paintings-groups show ,Neighbourhood  Gallery, 79 Hiawatha Road

*April 7-  June 2, 2019.Photography Group Show – Loving the LandNeighbourhood  Gallery, 79 Hiawatha Road

*April 7-  June 2, 2019 Erin Fitzgibbon – aboriginal photographsNeighbourhood  Gallery, 79 Hiawatha Road

*March 24- April 7, 2019 Perspectives Youth Group Show Assistant Curator, Neighbourhood Gallery

Jan 20 – March 24, 2019  Finding Solace in a Landscape– group show,Neighbourhood  Gallery

Jan 20 – March 24, 2019  Asher Ettinger- The Art of Music Neighbourhood  Gallery, 79 Hiawatha Road

Nov 11-  Jan 20 , 2019 Peter Marmorek Imaging: Urban Nature, Neighbourhood  Gallery,  79 Hiawatha Road

Nov 11- Jan 20, 2019   Retrieve: SofiLNeighbourhood  Gallery, 79 Hiawatha Road

Sept11 – Nov 11, 2018  Sheryl Keen- Paintings,  Neighbourhood   Gallery, 79 Hiawatha Road

May 27- Sept 11, 2018  DAAG – Disability Awareness Art Group,Neighbourhood   Gallery, 79 Hiawatha Road

May 27- Sept 11   Abigail Johnson,  Neighbourhood Gallery,  79 Hiawatha Road

April 8 – May 27- Architectural Illustrationsby  Annie Idris , Neighbourhood   Gallery, 79 Hiawatha Road

April 8- May 28 2018 .  Architectural Reflections- Photography ,group  show Neighbourhood Gallery,  79 Hiawatha Rd. Toronto

Jan 28- April 8, 2018    Creating from Within, Art For Cancer Group Show, Neighbourhood Gallery

Nov 26- Jan 28, 2018   Retrospective: Gabrielle Lasporte, batik artist Solo show Neighbourhood North Gallery

Nov 26-Jan 28 2018 . Views From Noah’s Ark ,group  show Neighbourhood Gallery ,  79 Hiawatha Rd. Toronto

Sept 24- Nov 26, 2017  Branching out, a show about trees ,group  show Neighbourhood Gallery,  79 Hiawatha Rd. Toronto

June 4- Sept. 24 2017. Tending the Wall Flower take 2– group  show Neighbourhood Gallery North,  79 Hiawatha Rd. Toronto

April 9 – June. 4 2017.  Eye For the Care Worn World – photography show- group Neighbourhood Gallery,  79 Hiawatha Rd. Toronto

Feb. 5- April 9 2017. Just Another Roadside Attraction – cityscape show- group Neighbourhood Gallery,  79 Hiawatha Rd. Toronto

Dec. 4 – Feb. 5 2017. The Human Condition Revealed – portrait show – group Neighbourhood Gallery South,  79 Hiawatha Rd. Toronto

Sept. 18- Dec. 4  2016. Inner and Outer Journeys with Kristina Kiil solo show Neighbourhood Gallery North,  79 Hiawatha Rd. Toronto

June – Sept. 2016 . Textures of My Soul : Abigail Johnston, Lauren  Renzetti & Joan Walder , Neighbourhood Gallery, 79 Hiawatha Rd. Toronto

April – June 2016.    CONTACT: Finding Wonder: Seeing is Believing  Photos by Bronwen Parker & Bradley Matson Neighbourhood Gallery North,

April – June 2016.       Sacred World Views from Youth, group show  Neighbourhood Gallery North,  79 Hiawatha Rd. Toronto

Jan.-April  2016. Rahul Jain: Ink Drawings on Wood , Neighbourhood Gallery North, 79 Hiawatha Rd. Toronto

Jan.-April  2016.  Peter Marmorek: Altered Landscapes, Neighbourhood Gallery South, 79 Hiawatha Rd.  Toronto

Nov.2015–Jan, 2016.   Rebecca Cowan: Drypoint Prints, Neighbourhood Gallery North, 79 Hiawatha Rd. Toronto

Nov.2015–Jan, 2016. Cid Palacio: Seasons in Paint , Neighbourhood Gallery South,79 Hiawatha Rd.  Toronto

July – October 2015 .  Tending the Wallflower,  group show, Neighbourhood Gallery North & South, Toronto

May- June 2015.  Maureen Morris; Solo show, Neighbourhood Gallery North ,  79 Hiawatha Rd. Toronto

May- June 2015. Finding Abstraction , group show, Neighbourhood Gallery South, Toronto

Feb.- April 2015 .  The Personal Sacred Landscape, group show, Neighbourhood Gallery North, Toronto

Feb. – April 2015 . ArtHeart Group Show, Neighbourhood Gallery South , 79 Hiawatha Rd. Toronto

Nov. 2014- Feb. 2015.  Lino Prints by Barb Ringer , Neighbourhood North, 79 Hiawatha Rd. Toronto

Nov. 2014- Feb. 2015.   Collage Portraits,  by Cynthia Keremer, Neighbourhood South,79 Hiawatha Rd.  Toronto

Sept. – Oct .2014.     Odessey of the Hero: Fa Andrade and Aleks Bartosek, Neighbourhood Gallery,79 Hiawatha Rd.  Toronto

June- Sept.  2014.     Soul Painting, group show, Neighbourhood Gallery North,79 Hiawatha Rd.  Toronto

April – May 2014.    deLIGHTful: photographs by Jeff Baker, Neighbourhood Gallery North,79 Hiawatha Rd.  Toronto

April –May 2014.    Delight in Light: paintings by John Saunders, Neighbourhood Gallery South, Toronto

Sept. – Nov. 2013.  Process; A Faculty Show, Co- Curator with Corrie Burrows art Works art Gallery, Toronto

January 2013.   Ruth Robertson, solo show,  art Works art Gallery, 238 Jane Street, Toronto

Dec.-Jan. 2012. Corrie Burrows, solo show, art Works art Gallery, 238 Jane Street, Toronto

May 2011.  Driven By Vision: Photography , Assistant Curator to Danica Loncar, art Works art Gallery,238 Jane Street ,  Toronto

March – April 2011.  Point of View, landscape group show, art Works art Gallery, 238 Jane Street , Toronto

Teaching Resume 

May 2018- Present  Professor of Printmaking , Seneca College, York Campus, Toronto

March 2016 to present  Adult Art Instructor, ARTiculations , abstract painting, colour theory, collage, dot painting

May 2014- present Adult Art Instructor, Art For Cancer Foundation, create programming for cancer patients, digital art, printmaking, soul painting, sketchbooking, painting

Sept 2010-present  Adult Art Instructor,  Art Gallery of Ontario,specifically: Drawing, Abstract Painting, Printmaking, Etching , Relief, Silkscreen, iPad Art, Intro to Everything, Landscape Painting, Cityscape Painting, Travellers Sketchbook, Breakfast Club, Drawing and Drinks

April 1988- present    Practicing Artist, preparing all canvases and prints for shows including stretchers, frames, and matting, purchasing all materials and sourcing art supplies at cheapest possible locations without compromising on quality

June 2007-present  Artist in Residence, at Unicamp of Ontario Limited, Honeywood, teaching groups & individuals, lectures, tours of art on property, creating art on property, workshops and community art making

January 2015- June 2018   Adult Art Instructor, Luc’s Sculpture School &  Gallery ,  abstract painting, drawing explorations and  colour theory

March 2001-June 2015      Art Instructor, Art Works Art School, Toronto, Adults: Printmaking & Mixed Media,  Landscape Painting, Abstract/ Colour Theory Painting, Sculpture, Corporate events , Children: ages 3-13 yrs, Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, themed summer camps

June 2005- June 2013          Assistant Director of Art Works Art School, Toronto, all aspects of administration, working with the public, creating programming and curriculum for 15 teachers with over 60 courses per term offered. Designed , created, trained  mentoring /co-op programs for youth & university students as teaching assistants, designed &  led Family Days. Designed and created Free to be three and Kinder Kids programs. Head technician for all studios including maintaining all equipment, & ordering of supplies for all classes & camps.

Jan. 2009-June 2010.   Gallery School Technician, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto,  prep materials and space for classes in drawing , printmaking , painting, sculpture with equipment and supplies set up

Jan. 2002- April 2010.  Studio Instructor, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Adults: Drawing, Painting, Printmaking ,Colour Theory , Sculpture , Children:  5-7, 8-11, 11-4 yrs mixed media, including drawing in all media,  printmaking in relief & silkscreen,  painting in acrylic, gouache & watercolour, sculpture

March 2002- 2005.    Education Officer for Family Programs, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, creating programming to be integrated in the gallery, to foster interaction with exhibitions, tours for the young, programming for exploration with parents and their young children 2-8 yrs.

Sept. 1997-Dec. 2002.  Art Instructor,  Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton giving tours, teaching classes (sculpture, drawing, colour theory), family day activities, March Breaks from ages 3-18 years, ordering supplies and maintaining equipment

July 1997-Sept. 1998.  Camp Director and Family Facilitator,  Unicamp of Ontario, Honeywood, designed programs, trained staff of 35 people, during 3 family weeks created diverse programming for ages  3 years to adult, incorporating, art, theatre, sports, games, and nature. Ordering all equipment, supplies for kitchen, maintenance crews, art and sports events

Jan. 1997- May 1997.      Instructor for THT019 Technical Drafting/Model Making for the Theatre, Ryerson Polytechnic University, Toronto.

Oct. 1995 – Dec. 1996.   Teaching Assistant for THT019, Ryerson Polytechnic University, Toronto.

1996-2002. Kids/Youth  Camp Facilitator .Unicamp  of Ontario Honeywood, designed programs, trained staff of 35 people, during 4  weeks created diverse programming for ages  6-14 and 14-18  yrs, incorporating, art, theatre, sports, games, and nature.

Sept. 1991-April 1992.  Sculpture and Printmaking  Studio Monitor-Fine Art Department, McMaster University, Hamilton, working with molds, servicing heavy machinery and supervising students, kilns. Ordering  and  maintaining supplies

Summer of 1984-1986         Art Director at Unicamp of Ontario, Honeywood, teaching art to large groups of people from 3 years to adults, Family Week, Children’s Weeks ,Youth Week, also included maintaining all art equipment,supplies

In PrintPublications  & videos

January 2019 1 minute video of painting a sunset sky

7 minute video of the same sunset and sky as a tutorial

March 2018       Nite 4 Rest, sketchbook, The Sketchbook Project , Brooklyn, USA

November 2017 Moon View, sketchbook, The Sketchbook Project, Brooklyn, USA

August 2015                  Living in a Red House, sketchbook, The Sketchbook Project, Brooklyn, USA

May18 2014       Life As a Human, Editor Heather Hess

March 2014       ARTicles,  Neighbourhood Unitarian Universalist Congregation Newsletter, Toronto

January 2014     Art Announcement, Neighbourhood Unitarian Universalist Congregation Newsletter, Toronto

October 2013    Soulful Reflections, Neighbourhood Unitarian Universalist Congregation Newsetter, Toronto

October 2013    Faculty Highlights: Lauren McKInley Renzetti , AWAS Newsletter, Toronto

Sept. 2013         Greener Art Practices for  a More Beautiful World, NUUC, Toronto

Spring 2013        Shades of Mary at Neighbourhood Congregation,The Canadian Unitarian, volume 55, number 1

May 2013          Art Reflecting Community, Unitarian Congregation of Mississauga Newsletter, Mississauga

January 2013     Finding Wonder with a Pencil,Neighbourhood Unitarian Universalist Congregation Newsetter, Toronto

October 2012    The Many Faces of Mary,Neighbourhood Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Service, Toronto

September 2012 Wanderings of a Pencil,Art Works Art School Newsletter, Toronto

July 2012           Artist in Residence, Neighbourhood Unitarian Universalist Congregation Newsletter, Toronto

June 2012          The Power of the Circle, Unicamp Newsletter, Honeywood Ontario

June 2012         Better Communication Using Spiritual Art Practices,NUUC and AWAS Newsletter, Toronto

May 2012          Summer Camp Challenges for Parents, Snap’d   Bloor West Edition

Spring 2012       Making Community with Art, The Canadian Unitarian, volume 54, number 2

2012                About My Mother, In their words through their eyes by their hands ,Editor: Angela Smith

October 2011    Life Long Learning for Adults & Seniors, Snap’d  Bloor West Edition, Toronto

May 2011          Volunteerism and Mentoring, Snap Newspaper , Toronto

Spring 2011       Volunteerism and Mentoring, Art Works Art School Newsletter, Toronto

September 2011 Portfolio Preparation, Snap’d Bloor West Edition

June 2011         Summer Camp Challenges for Parents, Snap’d   Bloor West Edition

Summer 2011     Summer Camp Challenges for Parents, Art Works Art School Newsletter, Toronto

Summer 2004     The Story of Unicamp 1969-2004 by Joyce Askwith, Edited and visuals by Lauren Renzetti

1999                 WaOrRtD , poetry an dprints in a lim,ited edition chapbook, self published

1999                 a little grief(goes a long way), chapbook, co created by Stephen Johnson, (poetry) Lauren Renzetti (visuals)

Spring 1997       Untitled Poetry, White WaterJournal, Vol 7. No. 3, Sudbury, Ontario

Fall 1996            Untitled Poetry, White WaterJournal, Vol 6. No. 3   Sudbury, Ontario


Nov 2017           Yesterdyears Here and Now Yesteryears and Here & Now for the Leslieville area commemorating the 30th year of the Leslieville street signs.  Here is the article.

May 2014          Art Show Opening at Neighbourhood Gallery, by James Manderville, Snap’d Beach Danforth Edition Toronto

April 1, 2014      Beach Art Scene by Jon Muldoon, Beach Metro News page 7

February 1997                Art, Propeller Centre Review,  by Donald Bracket, Toronto Life

December 14, 1996        Galleries Brim with Fine Work, by Jeff Mahoney, Hamilton Spectator

August 15-21, 1996.        Multilayered Paintings Take a Moon Walk, by Natalie Roze Fischer, Now Magazine, Toronto

May 19, 1996                 Coffee and Culture by Pam Davies, The Sunday Sun, Toronto

May 14, 1994                 Artscape, by Jeff Mahoney, Hamilton Spectator


Summary of Graphic Design Work & Commissions

May 2014- present Neighbourhood Gallery,  all posters, flyers , contracts, web work, social media ads, Toronton Ontario

June 2014  to present Personal web site,  wordpress, downloards, updates

Nov 5 2017. Unveiling Yesteryears and Here & NowMural , St. Joseph’s Centre, 67 Curzon Street

Mar.’02- June 2013 Brochure,Flyers, signage, posters, newsletter content at Art Works Art School, Toronto Ontario

Dec. 2006       Commission,Hub 14 , Toronto,( 8’ x 24’) 3 murals, and moon and sun cut outs  for a dance troupe

Aug.‘02- Aug.‘04 Creating all literature, flyers, posters, signs for s DoverGardens Coop Nursery School, Toronto

June 2003       Commissionto make  a large (6’ x 18’) plexiglass mural for a worship space at Unicamp of Ontario

1992-2002           art show invitations(30 + shows), press releases, business cards, chapbooks, flyers, letterhead, postcards, posters, teaching worksheets (includes drafting sheets for THT 019 at Ryerson) for myself

  • Publicity Chair for Unicamp of Ontario, (a volunteer position) designing and writing: 2 newsletters per year, a seasonal brochure, bookmarks, kids fun sheets, posters for each program, promo flyers and pamphlets, all maps, forms, posters and informational signs and rules for camp property

January 2002  Walking to Russia, Theatre Asylum, Toronto, poster and postcard

October 1997My Mother’s Courage, Theatre Asylum, Toronto, poster and postcard

May 1997        Commissionto make a large (8’ x 8’) canvas mural for  apatio, at  Elizabeth Dooleys, Toronto

  • handmade performance, posters, programs, all letterhead, chapbooks and flyers for the theatre company, plays included Juba…, The Insect Play, a little grief,  withStephen Johnson

1986-1988       Head of Poster Design for Student Council, (10 hours per week making posters for all SAC events)