corporate workshops

The corporate world is fast paced and ever changing. Keep your employees and mangers nimble, fresh and thinking out of the box with some creative corporate  workshops.

Individual Creativity   To enhance job performance through creative thinking, to enjoy materials not usually used, to enjoy a moment that is not rushed.These workshops can help enhance confidence, strengthen creative thinking and just acknowledge that you realize your workers need some fun to help enhance their daily lives.

Team Building Workshops  Can  help enhance the functioning of  people working together. Help strengthen bonds with new staff to old or help smooth stressful work environments when work becomes stressful through tight deadlines.

You can  choose from an array of ideas  listed below or even suggest something else.

Rates: $250  includes HST and basic materials* for 3 hour workshop hosted in your space

* surfaces tend to be the main factor in price fluctuations, painting on bristol board vs foam core, vs a stretched canvas can run from $1-$4- $40 depending on the size and depth and quality of the material.

Best Available Times: mornings Tuesday – Friday, afternoons Friday – Sunday , evenings  Monday or Thursday or a time of your choosing scheduling permitted.

Individual Art Making

Abstract Painting in Watercolour or Acrylic Participants would have a surface of your choosing, be given demonstration on several  techniques and an opportunity to paint. This exercise is a wonderful  way to take a break from the hectic life of deadlines and clients. Watercolour is a transparent medium , that is non- permanent and is used on paper. Acrylic is an opaque medium  that can be used on paper or canvas and is permanent once dried. Anything goes!

 Drawing to Music  Participants would have use of chalk, conte and  oil pastels, and  a surface of your choosing, be given demonstration on several techniques and an opportunity to  draw to music of your choosing or theirs. This exercise is a wonderful  way to take a break from the hectic life of deadlines and clients.(could be done with logo designs, exquisite corpse,  & portrait drawing)

Logo Designs-  Participants are given pencils, templates, rulers, markers and pencil crayon  and a square surface of your choosing. They are given the challenge to either create their own logo or copy  your logo, branding,  mascot or slogan. This project helps to foster solidarity and  company loyalty. (Could be done with drawing to music, exquisite corpse & portrait drawing)

Painting to Music  Similar to Abstract Painting in watercolour and Drawing to Music  but music the group chooses ahead of time would be for all to hear.

Mandela Printmaking  Using a soft styrofoam plate , participants would be given an opportunity to plan a design. They would  then be shown how to print this  wedge shaped image 8 times to create a circle on a large surface of your choosing.The ink is non permanent but may stain clothing. This project helps demonstrate the many cogs in a machine, only some pieces are revealed and many do not see the finished project. In this case they see all aspects.

Team Building Art Making

Exquisite Corpse Drawing  Each participant starts with a blank folded piece of paper . They are then asked to only draw the top 1/3 of a person. The drawing gets passed on 2 more times to complete the middle and bottom of a figure. No one sees what others have drawn, until all  is revealed at the end . This is a great ice breaker but also an excellent way  to see how your staff thinks. (Could be done with drawing ot music,  logo designs,  & portrait drawing)

Group Painting– Have your corporate logo , mascot or slogan painted by a group. A large paint surface  of your choosing , would be provided with a pre drawn image of your choosing. Each participant would work on a portion of this piece. The group helps decide who does what based on ability and inclination. This project fosters better communication and acknowledgement of creativity, ability and compromise to the group.

Please note all of the above  paintings  shown took several sessions with  a very  large group of people.

Mandala Drawing  –Working with four participants per Mandala each group will have to communicate with each other in creating a cohesive and intertwined drawing. This project is excellent at enhancing better communication and putting all 4 participants on an equal field. There are no bosses -all have an equal say in how the image could work.

Portrait Drawing– All participants get an opportunity to draw all of their colleagues in colourful markers. The hitch is no one can look at their page, only at each other. This is a great “getting to know you”  exercise. The drawings invariably are quite silly but the process is very good at creating camaraderie. It is a fabulous ice breaker with new staff. It is also an excellent way to see how people try and solve the problem to enhance their drawings and make them seem more realistic. How does your staff think?  (Could be done with drawing to music,  logo designs,  & exquisite corpse )