Unlikely Spoon Collection

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Date(s) - 06/07/2016 - 24/08/2016
All Day

Crema Coffee Company


Unlikely Spoon Collection Art Show and Reception July 6- August 24,2016.

Crema is open form 630am-8pm Daily Opening Reception July 6 from 6-8pm

3079 Dundas Street West , Toronto

Unlikely Spoon Collections

Over Christmas and especially due to all of the news about Syrian Refugees I came to the realization that, even though I am a somewhat (un)known medium income artist, I am part of the Group classified as

“ The 1%” or the people who Have. I Have shelter, food, clothes, family, a job, health and wealth in the bank. I even, have the ability to spend my extra money on a Christmas tree and ornaments and presents. This led me to thinking about the two main classes; the HAVES and the HAVE NOTS.

 Spoon Collections reside in many homes across Middle America collecting dust. This is a testament to being on the Haves. If this is a spoon collection that never gets used then why not make it out of very unlikely materials; hair, nails, lava, toxic waste, the moon, concrete etc? What if these spoons identified as things of danger , taboo or a mind set, we should not do  but  possibly do out of necessity or boredom?

This is the thought process for these works.

They are conceptual, silly and commenting on what us Capitalist Haves spend our hard earned money on.

Feel Free to Spend your money on my Unlikely Spoon Collection.

~Lauren McKinley Renzetti July 2016

All sales are through the Artist