Foundation – paintings on panel or sewn canvas

1. St Pencil, 2. St Paint Brush by Lauren McKinley Renzetti
1. St Pencil, 2. St Paint Brush , acrylic on loose canvas and backed with board, 9 feet tall , $1500 each

Foundation was inspired by many source materials including Medieval Manuscripts, Greek Mathematics, the Golden Section , Architectural Drawings, Leonardo da Vinci’s sketchbooks and our early learning curriculum. For me, the power and the  “holiness” of these sacred forms emerge from the care and love taken by the artist, and not so much the subject mater itself. A child takes as much pride and even reverence for writing his first alphabet as many American s have for Thomas Jefferson’s drawings and writings   as an architect and statesman; or Catholics have for the depictions of the Virgin Mary. I like to look beyond those ephemeral elements and celebrate the integrity and sheer beauty of the work, forever human and infallible. Using juxtaposing images on the same canvas I draw attention to these similarities acknowledging them, thanking them, for being there, to even be noticed. These images, no matter how mundane or truly glorious; are the Foundations of our being.


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