Landsats and other Planets – paintings & prints on stretched canvas or paper


by Lauren McKinley Renzetti
carved wooden landsat of Hamilton Harbour

This series is based on my interpretation of the moon, it’s various phase, the sun and the earth seen from outer space (using satellite false colour technology). The more removed you get from these planets (through technology) the more amazing and other worldly they can become. The manipulation man has on his surrounding plot of land, the more manufactured and square we seem from out space. What would another life form think of us and our insistence on the simple forms of square , rectangle, circle and the occasional pentagon? I am in awe, in simple wonder of nature and how strong willed it can be, and how man insists on trying to change the world around him. From this aerial view it is hard to see who is winning in this struggle, but we know who is winning don’t we?


1997 to present

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