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God Bless the Grass

We are a Circle

Shiny Happy People z

Keep Your Hearts Wide Open

Earth View

Live in a Red House

Moon View

Nite For Rest

People Ring



Wonder  Blessing ( lyrics & art by me)

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where I have shown my art:

 Earle Selkirk Gallery, ARTiculations  2928 Dundas St West , Toronto Ontario 

Gallery Iskra, Bulgaria, Europe

LucSculpture  663 Greenwood Avenue, Toronto

Neighbourhood Unitarian Universalist Congregation , 79 Hiawatha Road, Toronto

Ottawa School of Art, Bienniel Miniprint show,

The Sketchbook Project ,103A N. 3rd St. Brooklyn, NY 11249  live in a red house    moon view    nite 4 rest

Unicamp of Ontario  Incorporated , Unitarian Universalist Camp & Conference Centre, “where your values come to play”,

The lastest book UNicamp is our Muse by three in residence artists, Jeff Baker, Helen Iacovino and myself – webpage

YES Manifesto Page

fairy walk, #yes, lauren mckinley renzetti
photo by Jeff Baker,  Unicamp’s 2018 Fairy Walk

where I  currently teach: 

Art Gallery of Ontario , Dundas Street West, Toronto Ontario , 416-979-6660

a link to my 1 minute video of painting a suset sky  if link does not work just cut and paste it into the header

a link to my 7 minute video  tutorial of painting the same sky but in real time   if link does not work just cut and paste it into the header

1 minute video of painting a sunset on water  if link does not work just cut and paste it into the header

9 minute video of the same sunset and water as a tutorial if link does not work just cut and paste it into the header

Student Beth Parker ‘s take on an art class at the AGO

Virtual Seniors Social 

Seneca College , York Campus , Independant Illustration, printmaking professor,

Unicamp of Ontario  Incorporated , Mulmur Township Ontario

where I curate:

Neighbourhood Unitarian Universalist Congregation , 79 Hiawatha Road, Toronto 

Call for Submissions to Neighbourhood Gallery

Neighbourhood Gallery  at 310 Danforth in the Unitarian Universalist Congregations main Sanctuary is a great place to show your art. Due to Covid we have had few exhibitions but with the covid ban being lifted we hope to have shows in the near future . Send me a CV, an artist’s stament and 5 jpegs all under 1mb with a show proposal. We have over 160 linear feet. We invite and welcome your submissions.

Location: Neighbourhood Unitarian Universalist Congregation  310 Danforth, Toronto For questions or submissions, please contact: mckinleyrenzetti@gmail.comLauren McKinley Renzetti, Curator


Personal Eye Paintings: Here is the YouTube video of  some commission work:  

Collage Mural:  Yesteryears and Here & Now for the Leslieville area commemorating the 30th year of the Leslieville street signs.  Here is the article.

Canadian Sesquicentennial Quilt  In celebration of the 150th anniversary of Canada, and as part of the Inaugural Canadian Craft Biennial, individuals from across Canada submitted quilted squares to be included in the Canadian Sesquicentennial Quilt. Participants were encouraged to share their thoughts and memories about their region and ideas on what it means to be Canadian. Many of those who submitted quilt squares had immigrated to Canada or came from families who immigrated, and their work centred abound themes of welcoming, hope, opportunity, and freedom. Many others chose to highlight Canada’s natural resources and beauty, from the grand mountain ranges and breathtaking northern lights, to the fruit orchards and wheat fields, right down to the smallest wild blueberry. Others still focused on particular symbols of Canadian national or regional identity, like the maple leaf, of course, and the ubiquitous Timbit. All of these unique quilt squares together emanate a sense of pride for Canada’s land and people, and a sense of optimism for continuing innovation, sustainability and diversity in Canada’s future.   150th quilt project  

My section is in the second row third from the right. I imagine Canada as a group of people in a choir, many voices from many places and  ethnicities. Each Province and Territory is represented by one person of that choir and size and placement  is only with regards to number of people and hectares of land for each place.

where I shop:

AboveGround Art Supplies  74 McCaul Street, Toronto Ontario,

ARTiculations  2928 Dundas St West, Toronto Ontario 

Jonathon Bancroft-Snell Gallery 258 Dundas Street, London, Ontario N6A 1H3 .Many of my mothers Ceramic works live here and are for sale!

where I have done theatre work:  

building blocks productions , mom squared pilot , trailer:

handmade performance, University of Toronto,

theatre asylum, Toronto,