Manic Fabrications October 2009- paintings, prints & sculptures


11. D+LR: Moral Eye by Lauren McKinley Renzetti
11. D+LR: Moral Eye, acrylic on stretched canvas, mixed media 12 x 16 2009, $250

The push me -pull me of the sexes, the Male and Female in all of us. The love we have for our spouses, our muses, our lovers and friends. I try & utilize items found and kept from the road, or dumpsters, from family & friends, or from the sweepings of a studio. My larder is full of it and so my work needs to be made; to empty the space up & to create work based on the opportunity of what lies in these scattered shoe boxes.

This new work is inspired from art hanging in my bedroom. These new works are based on two paintings of my own eye and my husband, David’s eye. They were made in 1995, based on drawings made from looking into David’s eye and he looking into mine. There are aspects of both large paintings that give me ideas for many works. This is a sampling of those works. My intention was to use up as much junk in my basement, of my hoard of fabulous detritus so that we would have more space. I am revelling and rejoicing in my union with the love of my life and my love of interesting detritus.  One of the works we worked on together- entitled

 “Manic Fabrications  Directions: arrange me”.

It is s also the title of the show. This is the epitome of all that is me. Manic Fabrications was  partly created from materials cut by my father Donald Lloyd McKinley- a furniture manufacturer and designer, he died in 1997. Each diamond, and rounded handle are from pieces he intended for something.  He would stay up all night creating jigs to cut wood a certain way and then not finish the project- moving on to a new way of cutting wood. There were hundreds of pieces lying dormant and unused for 12-40 years. I am freeing them from their boxes; not as necessarily intended but, with, care, intention and certainty. He was manic in his fabrication s and for the past two months I have been enjoying that Manic nature in myself.

Works included are all made from a two month period -September-October 2009.

Lauren McKinley Renzetti

Maker of fabrications October 11, 2009.

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