Peacock & Feather Series – relief reduction Prints

Feathers by Lauren McKinley Renzetti
14. Feathers , softoleum reduction print , 8″ x 10″ $35 unframed $55 framed

The process was an investigation of some sketches made in 2010. The peacock is the mascot of Art Works Art School where I was the Assistant Director and where I currently teach. I wanted to investigate layering of dark equal tonal values with light tones on top to see how well they would vibrate or if they would be absorbed in the process. These are the results of those investigations. Many have either pure silver or gold ink or 20% metallic ink mixed in to give the illusion of the sheen of the true peacock feather. All works are printed on either Double Cougar or Canson Paper.

This latest series was completed December 2012.

January 2013

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