fragile & unframed collages

This series of mixed media works  are an ongoing dialogue about the relationship I have with art and religious iconography. These paper works are part of an ongoing dialogue from the “Art as Religion Series”  and are a combination of; handmade papers (made in 1985-6) along with imagery (I found most interesting in the early 90’s). The culmination of these works is time (I had in the 2000’s) putting the concepts altogether and then printing, sewing, collaging, painting and gluing on top of everything else.

They are fragile works.

For many reasons.

The paper they are affixed to has no sizing…and so very delicate in nature.

This frailty is important, I chose not to frame them.

Ideas are fragile.

Art in churches is not behind glass.

It is right here, in the tangible space of right now.

I extend my heart, my hope, my trust

that you will respect and protect them.

I do not ask that you agree with my ideas,

merely, to take the time to ponder them.

may 2010