Meadow Meditations – october 2022

GRASS! Latest  works

watch a video with music by Susanne Maziarz

Link to God Bless the Grass

This latest series happened by accident. I do a plein air retreat the last week of August.  We do sunrise  to sunset & everything in between. One sunset was – less than stellar but-  The Light on the Grass was Amazing! It opened a whole new world to me. Grass moves, it dances, it bobs it works individually and as a group. This series moves from  what I would term as  detailed observation to   total abstraction. my fall goal was masking fluid experiments and SGAFFITO! this series is totlaly – happily about that.

I am working;  in watercolour with masking fluid, acrylic with masking fluid as well as palette knives, scratching tools ( combs, shishkebob sticks) as well as dowels for dots. These paintings as a process were me looking at the  challenges of individuality as well as community, groups of one type intersecting with other totally different groups, new life – timid -to large & bold , to the aged endings –   withered. Grass is a metaphor for Humans, for music, for movement for life. Can we navigate through the Grass, find our fellow groups & thrive?