Rocks and Graph’s Series- Earth’s Harmony

Earth’s Harmony- Artist Statement

This show encompasses several ways of seeing the Rhythm and Harmony of the Earth; through graphs depicting seismic activity and human Capitalism,

paintings loosely representing activity in the water of our Gulf Stream,

the Earth in close up, or macro view, of  rock and mineral specimens and the largest views of Earth through space technology called Landsats.

These last two groups take up the bulk of the show, investigating the relationship between the far off landscape, from outer space called a Landsat, and the extreme close up view of a landscape through the exploration of minerals and rock specimens. There is a correlation between these two viewpoints.

Compare Bathurst Island and Iron Stone, there are striking similarities in composition, colour, line, form, texture and space. The way they are painted is also very similar with the build up of modeling paste, to create the extreme textured relief and adhesion of inclusions of detritus and then washes of acrylic paint pooled on to the textured surface.

The views are not exactly the same in the sense that the rock samples are more pristine and mostly unaltered by man, compared to what we see from outer space. Mankind has altered and changed much of the view of our planet. Pollution, clear cutting and industrialization are evident in some of the paintings and the titles also reflect my own opinions on our “process of change.” To further this comparison I have works that are based on the overdevelopment of our land compared with paintings based on truly microscopic views of man made items like caffeine or the computer chips. Compare Lake Ontario: Planting Suburbs,  Computer Chip  and  Caffeine all are highly organized and reflect our very busy nature.

The purpose of this show is to help regain our sense of Wonder and Harmony with what naturally occurs without our help and how we affect that Rhythm through our constant need for “extremely organizing nature“. This show helps to remind us of the Bigger Picture.