tactile & interactive


After working a few years in national gallery settings like the Art Gallery of Hamilton and the Art Gallery of Ontario I became frustrated in the inability to touch art works. Brancusi created sculptures that were created with the full intention of being touched by the blind – these are housed behind glass.  Through the use of very thick impasto textured paint, inclusion of  found objects and street detritus  in my art  I came to realize I was reacting to this premise in galleries. I allow, even encourage, my work to be touched & experienced through your hands not just eyes. Many of my works are about the physical journey your hand takes whether that is by small men who walk on a journey on the canvas or the viewers personal exploration of the work through rearranging the composition, or looking through a small  frame . Altered books are a newer art medium for me and they beg to be flipped through and explored like any good book deserves.

May 2013