view from above


This print and mixed media series was inspired by a trip to the Bahamas in 2006. Sitting in a small propeller plane that held only 30 people I looked down at the world at night. New York City was bejewelled and the streets were lined with strings of gems. Some of these prints are about the view specifically  through the window and some are  purely about the landscape below or a combination of both.

The way I carved and portrayed the propellers inspired  further investigations of flight in general,  and -who is looking  at us from up there?  The prints with holes, blood , writing and stamps are a comment on the  “Men away at War”  possibly never to return. These are dubbed “Dear John Letters”.

There are several assembled collages in this series that speak about latitude and longitude along with  cryptic writing  trying to recreate the sense of the ancient codex. Language of any profession is usually hard to decipher by the lay person.

January 2007