Printmaking is the process of making multiples  of an image. Traditional printmakers  make an edition as accurate as possible  of 10-1000 of the same exact image. I do this. I enjoy the rhythm and ritual  of making something the same.

In Production is satisfying and  goes back to my  craft parents making spoons, teapots.

As a painter I  really enjoy the “One off”. I use printmaking to work out ideas about colour composition and layers.

Process is good and  may  be just an investigation  but also may turn into paintings. Exploring the possibility of Eureka!!!! is always just around the corner. THese were done in 2016(  I think)


Notes about the  Prints and Labels: If the print in these collections has no fraction than you are looking at the only one. A fraction  ie 1/10 means there are ten of them and you could own one. Sold  means all of  that particular image  are gone.  Reduction print means that as I printed I carved away some of the surface of the softoleum or linoleum and the surface was reduced until only a thin line or surface remained. I can not make more of these. M/P or monoprint means that it was mad ein such a way only one was created either on plasticine, plexiglass or jelly print. Some prints are related to series of works in my painting portfolio. There will be links to take you from one to the other  at the bottom of the page.