be mindful

Be Mindful


Our Lady.


Mother Mary.

 Holy Virgin Mary.

       She is the most revered and depicted image ever created.She has thousands of names and thousands of faces.  Yet she is not quoted as saying (m)any words of wisdom in The New Testament. Faith and Doubt go hand in hand. Many of us are not Christian so it is possibly irrelevant what Mary would have said. But as an icon of The Mother she resonates with many of us, regardless of Our Faith.


Mary is a Mother – First

As a Mother she would have said many things

The World today could use more Mothers being listened too




Play Nice

Be Mindful

Harbor No Ill Will

Give Others a Turn

Help Others in Need

Clean up After Yourself

Love Others Unconditionally

Make the World A Better Place

Violence is Never A Good Answer

Be Ever Forgiving Of Yourself And Others


Be Mindful

~ Lauren  McKinley Renzetti

. artist.  designer . educator. maker.  mother

September 11, 2011