art making painting process


Abstraction . Is  Hard . For me.

-To justify

So I Collect images to paint:

From the world around me, Friends eyes, Nature,

Google is my friend.

Hurray for free Information.

And the imagry-

Sits in my brain percolating.

Many  Canvases, gets laid out flat.

I work in series of at least ten at a time

Pencils draw.

Modelling paste and the texture happens, with inclusions of detritus


Then the laying on of the following:

Really wet lightest colours first

almost always in this order

yellow, orange, red , magenta, crimson


then some more contemplation  & usually hesitation

then cool colours greens, blues

more pondering

then tertiaries ochre, brown

then highs and lows of white &  black

then the paintings sit waiting for me-

to be happy with it.

finally a glossy UV protectant, four coats at least in all directions

a hanging system gets put on

lastly, signing on the back

telling the story & possible orientations of this work

September 2013