artist’s biography

lauren mckinley renzetti

I grew up in   Sheridan College School of Crafts and Design in Mississauga , surrounded by artists and craftsman. I attended Georgian College  and later received an Honours BA in Fine Art and Theatre at McMaster University . I decided to try the life of the theatre and realized  I needed more  skills so attended Ryerson for a year.  While at Ryerson I was given a position as a Teaching Assistant to Tony Abrams and later as an Instructor, along with  work in Television with Life Network and in Theatre with Theatre Asylum and handmade performance. I have worked in the theatre and film industry  on and off but  my  calling as an art teacher is  satisfying and stable.  Moments of “Eureka” still come from my daily life  as an artist, in film and  with  the students I teach. I have been making  since 1988 and still find  these (ad)ventures the driving force to get out of bed each day .

I am influenced  by paintings of  Paul Klee,  Raoul Duffy,  Harold Town, Patterson Ewen, the Group of Seven . Alexander Calder, Henry Moore and Harold Klunder remind me to look at nature and detritus in new ways for sculpture. Conceptual art by Yoko Ono and Douglas Copeland forces me to think of the meaning behind everything.

Meaning in Art and Behind the Art is Important.

Lauren McKinley Renzetti the person, is  interested in everything so my subject matter in paint, collage, print and sculpture  is varied and ever changing. I am drawn to nature,  the slow opening of a seed, a lizard’s skin, the human eye up close and personal,  our planet from space ,  molecules under a microscope.   I am interested in where art comes from, the tools , the materials, and the stepping stones made by other artists before me.