Unlikely Spoon Collection

Over Christmas  and especially due to all of the news about Syrian Refugees I came to the realization even though I am a a somewhat unknown and medium income artist, I am part of the Group classified as the 1% or the people of the haves. I have shelter, food ,clothes, family, a job, health and wealth in the bank . I even, have the ability to spend my extra money on a Christmas tree and ornaments and presents . This led me to thinking about the  two main classes of the HAVES and the HAVENOTS. Spoon Collections reside in many homes across middle America collecting dust. This is a testament to being a Haves. If this is a spoon collection that never gets used then why not make it out of very unlikely materials; hair, nails, volcanos, the moon, concrete etc.  This is the thought process for these works. They are conceptual, silly and commenting on what us Capitalist Haves spend our hard earned money on. Feel Free to SPend you rmoney on  my Unlikely Spoon Collection.- January 2016