(Wo)Men in the Moon – paintings & prints on paper and stretched canvas


Moon’s Embrace, by Lauren McKinley Renzetti
SOLD Moon’s Embrace, acrylic, maps, tissue on stretched canvas, framed 24 x 36 1995 sold

(Wo)Men in the Moon is ultimately from the inspiration of one individual, however all of the works are derived from photographs of several individuals, two women and two men, in a variety of poses. The human contour & its resemblance to the land have always intrigued me, the man (or woman) in the moon. The paintings are a reflection of The State of Mind of the subject, the photographer, & later during the planning & painting process, all help to set the mood of these works. This series was partly an exercise in simplifying forms into purely negative & positive spaces, with no judgments attached, just simplification of form. Striving to create landscapes that have a hint of the original human element, but hopefully remind us of our connection to the land.

-lauren mckinley renzetti

artist  designer  educator  maker

december 2009


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