trees series

This series is an exploration of shapes within tree branches. What if the branches reflected a single shape, a square, a four, a triangle and oval?

This investigation started while looking at Piet Mondrian’s early tree drawings. The lines of his trees all ran together but all had a repeated series of shapes. This glimpse led me to look at other artists and their ideas around trees, Gaudi’s work in iron, Tom Thompson’s work with Algonquin Park evergreens and ended with the Group of Sevens look at trees as a framework for the sky. The trees were the foreground and yet the sky was painted last inside each window, inside the negative space created by tree branches.

Through my soft linoleum print series I added a mylar stencil to fill in the spaces between the branches for my own stained glass representations of the sky or of leaves .I moved into adding ribbon, trim, sequins and other pieces to create the peacock trees… with their frippery and finery.

No tree is the same and this holds true also with the trees in this series. There are over 100 and still counting. Not all are posted here. The trees now are in their full glory… almost naked of leaves but showing their true nature in their branches. Look at the sky through the trees.

All of these trees are available in black  frames (11 x 17)  or without.

Without frame  basic print is $20 , with inclusion or frippery $25 with frame $45.

All trees are for sale and can be framed . I do commissioned work in this series. You choose the colours,  trees, stamps.

The trees have 4 sizes:  square or # 4 trees are 6 x13,  triangle trees are 6.5 x 13, oval trees are 7 x 13 and the trees in motion are 9 x 13

November 2011


Four Tree sitting to the right, 6x13

Square Tree sitting to the left, 6 x13

Triangle Trees, 6 .5 x13

Oval Trees, 7x13

Trees in Motion, 9 x 13